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Barber School in Waco, TX

Champions Barber and Beauty Academy is changing the grooming industry, starting with the very basics. The purpose of our academy is to enable ladies and gentlemen to hone their craft of barbering, to refine the modern gentleman and make a positive impact in their communities and the world. We offer some of the best training facilities and courses taught by world-class barbering professionals. Enroll today and start your journey to a rewarding, exciting career!
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Hone Your Craft. Grow Your Skill. Become a Master Barber!

Barbering is one of the world’s oldest professions, perfected and improved over centuries. Today, it’s in a renaissance and it’s more evolved than ever—which makes it vitally important you’re getting the right education if you want to become a barber.

Champions Barber and Beauty Academy gives you access to education in men’s grooming like no other barber school in Waco, TX. Our curriculum is designed to teach you the history and theory, as well as practical skills and hands-on work. We have both a classroom and real-world workstation, to ensure you’re getting the full educational experience—learning in the classroom and putting what you’ve learned to work behind the chair. With an upscale learning environment dedicated solely to straight razor shaves, beard sculpting, and barber education, students learn the skills they need to pass the state board exam and succeed in the much-needed craft of the growing grooming industry.

Teaching Students
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We offer barber classes in Waco, TX for all skill levels. Start from scratch and learn everything you need to become a true master of your craft. Or, complement your stylist skills with a barber crossover and unlock a whole new range of clientele! We even offer barber instruction courses. Across every class and clinic, the message is the same: We teach skills to elevate the art of barbering, creating a new class of barbers with classic skills, new-age know-how and precise attention to detail.

Enroll with us today and become part of the well-trained, elite barbers who can trace their education and experience to Champions Barber and Beauty Academy.